Couples Counseling

*You want to build a healthy relationship foundation now in order to prevent problems in the future.

*You want to fight fair , and you're tired of conflict getting out of control.

*You have had a relationship in the past or present that has conflict that escalates quickly , that has been damaged by broken trust around infidelity online or in person , or you have often felt unloved and unwanted in your relationship.

*You feel lonely and disconnected in your relationship.

*You feel overwhelmed with anxiety when your partner wants to connect or talk about something difficult, so you shut down and distance to hide yourself and stay out of the potential fight.

*You have painful or traumatic experiences in your past that are negatively impacting your relationship.

*You have had negative sexual experiences or messages that make sex and intimacy a challenge, and you want to create a positive sexual relationship.

*You are coping with sexual concerns that feel like they define you , such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, and medication isn't working. This often means that your concern is more connected with your relationship dynamics then it is related to any medical cause.

Worried couples counseling will be too uncomfortable or won't work? It makes sense that you are anxious about discussing problems that normally seem to make things worse for your relationship. I will create a safe place where you and your partner's voices will be heard so that you will understand and experience the conflict conversation differently. It makes sense that you have fears about whether it will work. I will hold the hope for you. Couples counseling works, and my solution-focused approach will help you understand why you and your partner are doing what you're doing, learn skills and change the behaviors that are hurting your relationship, and create the positive connection that you long for.

Can you imagine what that will look like? It will be worth it.

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